Anima is exploring the symbolic representation of our divine self. In this metaphysical approach of portraiture time and space belongs to imagination. Nothing is obvious as this photography is to reveal universal and timeless archetypes through their symbolic meanings. 


"Trough these timeless enigmatic pictures I seek to represent what is beyond the physical appearance of reality, beyond the experience of the senses, to transcend the primitive sensation of psychological myths and images.


Artifacts, clothing, furniture, artworks, the solemn and detached atmosphere, the unbending poses, the static feeling, the classical yet evanescent tone, the specific aesthetic treatment are designed to reveal trough their symbolic meanings universal and timeless archetypes" Fabrice describes his art works. 


These symbolic photographies are not destined to depict the obvious but rather to unearth human psyche's primordial images. "I deeply believe that art should not be related to its own time, whether historical, ideological or social but must be going beyond these values to rise above and ask questions of higher order ... Metaphysical questions" he ends describing this series art works.​

Photographer & Art Director